Bifacial solar panels do more than just generate electricity. They can have a huge impact on your energy supply. This recent blog post delves into what bifacial solar panels are and how they work. Firstly, we can think of a bifacial solar panel as a standard solar panel. The front of the module is made of a glass window, allowing direct light to pass through and bounce off the solar cells. This light is the electricity and heat that you use! The back of the solar panel has a glass covering as well. This allows a good portion of the unused indirect light to be captured by the solar cells. This light can also be reflected in the environment.

A bifacial solar cell comes in handy because the user can take advantage of the light that usually just falls through on the ground, but is put to good use by having it become a part of their energy grid.

The bifacial module market is growing rapidly. Key characteristics are their design, which allows the module to capture sunlight from both sides of the panel, increasing generation capacity up to 25%.

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